Owgels Dual Flow (10 L)

Owgels Dual Flow (10 L)

Prices include shipping to South East Asia.


Product Specification

Brand Owgels
Capacity(Litre per minute) 10 LPM
Model Name/Number 10L
Product Type Stationary
Weight (in kg) 31 Kgs
Oxygen Concentration 93% +- 3%
Outlet Pressure 0.04-0.07 Mps
Sound Level <60db
Operation Mode Electrical
Usage/Application Clinical Purpose

Product Description

Heavy Duty Dual Flow Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator 10 Ltr for Clinic Purpose

Technical Specifications
Net Wt: 31 Kgs
Working Time: 10 mins to 40 hrs
Oxygen Flow: 0-10 Dual flow, Special manageable ratios
Purity: 93% +-3%
Sound Level <60db
Power Consumption: <880W
Input Voltage: AC 230V +-10%

Exclusive Specifications:
1. Imported from China
2. American and European Quality Standard with CE Mark
3. Oxygen Purity of 93% +-3% even at 10Ltr Flow
4. Free SPO2 Probe for continous oxygen level monitoring
5. 2 Extra Filters for additional 20,000 hrs working (Total 4 Filters)


    Prices include shipping to South East Asia. Other countries may be up to $50 more per unit - so please contact us before placing an order.